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Jayu is not just a Martial Arts Academy, it is a family. We are family owned and operated, and are passionate about seeing each and everyone of our students flourish in and outside of our dojo. We're thrilled to be launching this new online platform to support our existing members while our physical dojo is closed. We hope it inspires you to maintain your fitness and training during this time of physical distancing, and we look forward to having you back in the Dojo when able.

Virtual Academy Agreement

Keeping you safe when training at home

Safety is of utmost importance to us, and it is vital you are aware of the purpose of this virtual academy and how to use it so that you and others remain safe when training at home. This platform has been designed for our existing members only at this stage (who therefore have already signed our membership agreement), who are currently unable to access face to face training due to COV-19 restrictions. By using this site, you agree to only access material designed for your belt level or below, follow normal guidelines set out in your student handbook, and put into place any additional safety measures you may need when training from home. If you are under 18, you also agree that you have permission from parents / carers to enrol in this online course. You also agree to the standard terms and conditions as set out in the enrolment form. While we want you to train hard and improve your skills, it is important that you keep yourself and others safe in the process!

Not a member but keen to join?

Add your email below and we'll be in touch with how we may be of service while our Dojo remains closed.


Senior Instructor

Annette Baker

5th Dan Black Belt Co-Owner of Jayu Martial Arts Academy

Senior Instructor

Andrew Fullerton

4th Dan Belt. Co-Owner of Jayu Martial Arts